What Exactly Does an Auto Body Repair Shop Do?

An auto body repair shop is a place which repairs and restores automobiles. The staff members within these places are all fully trained in order to deal with damage on the body and frame of a vehicle which could have occurred in a collision or accident. Repairing damage to a car or frame can be extremely complicated, which means a trip to the body shop is never cheap. In some situations, the owners auto insurance may cover some of the expense, especially should it be due to a collision, and the owner is up to date on their insurance premiums.

Damages to a vehicle’s frame can sometimes mean a car cannot be driven. This is also the case with major body damage. These damages will also look ugly, which could be a problems for people looking to sell their cars. The focus upon a cars framework, sets an auto body repair shop apart from regular auto repair services. In a traditional auto shop, all types of auto repairs are done, ranging from basic maintenance like changing a vehicles oil, to the total rebuilding of engines. These services could be offered also in some body shops, but it will greatly depend upon their size and the expertise of the mechanics.

Usually, a body shop will weld and have painting facilities, in addition to hydraulic lifts and industrial tool benches. The staff will be specifically trained in repairing body damage, and some could even have additional certification. It is not unusual for a body shop that specializes in a certain make or type of car. These are excellent for people that drive these specific cars due to the fact the staff will know these cars inside out.

When a vehicle is brought into a body shop for repairs, the staff will first estimate the overall cost for the repairs. They could have to fabricate new parts, order in new sections, or even use force to bend the cars frame back into its original shape. With every case, repairing damages does get expensive, more so should they be substantial. The estimate will be given to the car’s owner, who will then decide if they still wish to continue with the proposed repairs.

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