Auto Painting: Advice from a Qualified Mechanic

Painting a car is a complicated and time-consuming job. So, if you are looking to freshen up your vehicle’s color or just want to change it, going to a well-known auto shop is a fantastic idea. Professional mechanics will impress you with their top-notch auto painting services. Here is how they do it:

  • Preparation. Ensuring a solid, smooth, and rust-free surface is the secret to high-quality and lasting results. Mechanics will wash your car’s body to remove dust, grime or grease. Using up-to-date protective measures, such as dust masks, special working clothing, and goggles, they will also remove all the rust from your car’s bumper. Plus, they will take care of all surface’s imperfections, like bubbles, dents, etc.
  • Removing the existing paint. Now it is time for sanding away your vehicle’s existing paint. Specialists with many years of experience in this business will sand all corners and crevices manually. The main goal here is to remove the whole paint to bare metal with a perfect and smooth finish. This process must be performed with extreme caution and attention to detail, and it may take a few long hours. Using powerful sanders, mechanics will sand everything away and won’t miss a single spot.
  • Applying a prime paint. After they have completed the dust and rust removal and the metal work, your vehicle is ready for the prime paint. Its main purpose is to protect your bumper from outer elements and prepare it for the actual painting procedure. Applying a thin top-quality primer is the key to giving your car the desired color without any compromises.
  • Painting. Choosing the paint type and the right color is a difficult decision. A mechanic with a stable reputation will be able to provide with advice. Using modern tools and the latest techniques, specialists will give your car the exact look you want to achieve. Applying three or four coats of paint, they will provide your vehicle with an effective UV protection and brilliant luster.

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